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Introduction to Indian cooking (vegetarian)

A strongly vegetarian culture in India has its roots in the teachings of Buddha dating back to around 700-800 BC. Indians have always used a diverse array of spices and vegetables in their cooking, and Indian vegetarian food is some of the tastiest and healthiest in the world.

In this class we will show you the all the right spices to use, how to make your own gluten free batata vadas, green chutney, a tasty, vegetable packed dal, your own fresh paneer, a delicious roasted pumpkin, coconut and ginger curry, full of turmeric and pepper and a quick healthy capsicum and besan stir fry.

On the menu:

Batata vadas (potatoes coated in besan flour and fried)

Green coriander and coconut chutney

Vegetable dal

Palak paneer

Roasted pumpkin curry

Capsicum stir-fry

Pilau rice

Homemade kulfi