“Is there any practice less selfish, any labour less alien, any time less wasted, then preparing something delicious, and nourishing, for the people you love?”, Michael Pollan, Cooked: A natural history of transformation (The Penguin Press, New York, 2013)

The Bombay Cook Club is a pop-up dining event that takes place in Perth, Western Australia twice a month.  It provides an immersive experience into the world of Indian home cooking, born out of our passion to cook real food with love for the people we care about.  My mother and I come from a long line of home cooks, our mothers, grandmothers, great aunts, women who loved and nurtured and are remembered by their families for their delicious food. We want to celebrate the important role of home cooking, and to bring back to life stories and recipes lovingly hand written and passed down through the generations, using ingredients and techniques that are centuries old.

We also want to share our knowledge of Indian food, one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, based on an understanding of spices more than 5,000 years old. Spices add amazing flavour to fresh, seasonal produce, allowing us to reduce our reliance on salt, sugar and artificial ingredients, and so much nutritional and medicinal value.  In India this knowledge was handed down from generation to generation, grandmother to mother to daughter, in kitchens everywhere.  

We invite you to our kitchen table to learn how to cook authentic homestyle Indian food the way it has always been taught, and to share food, stories and good company in an informal atmosphere set in a beautiful Indian kitchen garden. 

We host one curry night and one cook club: book club a month, with a limit of 8 people per class.  You are also welcome to make a group booking (6-8 people) for a private event on a date of your choice. 


If there’s one thing we enjoy as much as cooking Indian food, it’s reading about it.   So many incredible books have been written about India, a country and a subject that has captivated those who were born there, lived there or simply visited and fell in love.  And so many incredible books have been written about food: the long history of global cuisine, why we cook, how to eat well.

We’re very excited to curate a series of cook clubs based around some of our favourite books and movies, about India, about food, cooking and why we love to eat.  At these events, we’ll be cooking up a menu inspired by one of these themes and telling you the story behind it.

We’d love you to come with us on this journey:  contact us for a booklist, buy, beg, borrow or steal some of the classics we’ll be creating menus for and join us for a fabulous afternoon of discussion and eating inspiration.


We are currently fully booked with private classes.

Please check the booking page for details of advertised classes.


Please note that participation in the Bombay Cook Club is at your own risk and we will not accept liability for any incidents resulting from attendance at our events.  Cancellations will not be refunded if made within 72 hours of the event.




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Surprise a friend or loved one with a gift voucher to attend one of our classes or a pop-up dinner with a group of your friends.  Click the link below for details and to make a purchase.  Gift vouchers are valid for a year from purchase and are non-transferable.

Photo by Cheryl-Lynn Wee

Photo by Cheryl-Lynn Wee


“I’ve never enjoyed learning so much and what an eye-opening, horizon expanding experience.  I never knew Indian food could taste like this. The history added to the ‘flavour’ and enjoyment.  Thank you!”

Vidya (Food in History, 27 August)

“What an inspiring, delicious and enjoyable afternoon learning and sampling the foods of Indian history! Thank you Shaheen and Sultana for sharing your passion, knowledge and the warmth of your kitchen with me!”

Sonia (Food in History, 27 August)

“Awesome, awesome, awesome!!  Thank you for opening up your home to us and sharing your amazing knowledge and passion with us.  The food was so scrumptious and I can’t wait to try some of the recipes for my family.”

Helen (Food in History, 27 August)

“Totally loved our lunch today.  Learned a lot about food history and Indian cuisine, everything tasted delicious!  Thanks very much.”

Rachelle (Food in History, 27 August)

"I can't wait to come and see you again and enjoy your incredible hospitality.  Thank you!  Look forward to the next evening."

Jacqueline (Vegetarian curries, 17 August)

"Amazing food, company and conversation.  Am sending my husband next time.  I loved every minute - thank you so very much."

Danielle (Vegetarian curries, 17 August)

"Yum, yum, yum!  Delicious food with a health and history lesson thrown in.  Thanks Shaheen and Sultana for an informative and fun afternoon.  Best cooking class ever!"

Allison (Dhansak lunch, 18 June)

"The best cooking course I have done.  Thank you for sharing."

Myffy (Autumn curries, 15 April)

"Delicious!  Enjoyed every mouthful. Thank you both."

Cathy (Autumn curries, 15 April)

"Each amazing journey starts with the first step and this was an amazing journey.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful hospitality, knowledge and skills.  Indebted forever."

Stephen Rokich, Cottesloe (Curry night, 16 March)

"Such an interesting and educational, fun evening.  The flavours were simply amazing.  Thank you so much."

Ursula Ayers (Curry night, 16 March)

"Fantastic evening!  Learnt so much, food delicious and lovely relaxed style.  Thank you!"

Rebecca Davies (Curry night, 16 March)

"Thank you for a wonderful experience learning such delicious Indian food.  Look forward to learning more!"

Helen Davies, Wembley (Lentil workshop, 11 March)

"Had a lovely time watching you cook and learning the process, and the food was lovely."

Kathy Sadler, Wongan Hills (Lentil workshop, 11 March)

"Thank you Shaheen and Sultana - a wonderful cooking experience - learnt a lot too.  Good luck with it all."

Carolyn Betts, Fremantle (Lentil workshop, 11 March)

"What a great night. Absolutely fabulous food but so much more than that... thanks for letting us into your family history for the night and many more nights to come as we recreate the dishes and explain the stories behind them."

"Absolutely delightful! Food was delicious. Can't wait to try to cook these dishes myself."

"Such a brilliant night. Thank you so much Shaheen and Sultana for your hospitality, passion and secrets. Simply food bliss."

"It was a wonderful evening, great food, fab company! Let's do it again soon. Thanks again Shaheen and Sultana."

"Shaheen and Sultana - thank you so much for opening your kitchen, family recipes and home to us.  I really enjoyed learning more about the origin of the recipes and the stories behind them. I think you're onto an absolute winner."