Prawn and green pepper stir fry


I love getting my Nana's old dinner set out every now and then, and when I do I am generally inspired to cook something she would love.  I come from a seafaring family and we are all partial to a good prawn curry, but this quick stir fry was just as delicious.  The recipe below serves two, but can easily be doubled to suit.

1 tablespoon of oil

200-250 grams of prawns, cleaned and deveined

2 spring onions, finely sliced

1 large tomato, finely sliced

½ a green pepper, finely sliced

2 teaspoons of bottle masala

½ a teaspoon of salt

½ a teaspoon of sugar

½ a lemon

spring onion and chopped red chillies to garnish

Heat oil in a large frying pan or wok and throw in the spring onions.  Fry for a minute or so and then add the tomatoes.  Stir-fry for a bit longer, and then add the bottle masala, salt and sugar.  Keep stirring until the tomatoes start to go mushy, then add the sliced green peppers.  After another minute or two, add the prawns and fry for a couple more minutes until they are just cooked.  Finish off with a generous squeeze of lemon juice and garnish with finely sliced spring onions and red chillies.  Serve with hot white rice and/or lots of crusty white bread.