I founded Spice Mama so that I could to share my passion for traditional Indian home cooking, and my nostalgia and strong affinity for the culinary traditions of my ancestors. 

I come from a long line of wonderful women that cooked, who taught their descendants their craft in warm and fragrant kitchens, and nourished the people they loved with the most delicious food imaginable.

When I cook this food, following the old recipes of my great grandmothers, grandmothers and mother, I feel like I am home again in old Bombay, the city of my birth.  I go back to an enchanted place, where the hottest food was cooked in cool kitchens, in high ceilinged houses tiled with stone, and afternoons were spent on shady verandas hung with slow fans, swinging on day beds gossiping and drinking hot chai.

I cook to remember the past, and with inherited knowledge of the medicinal and nutritional use of spices, the healthy cooking and eating practices traditionally passed down through generations from mother to daughter, in the family kitchen.

I cook Indian food because it is one of the oldest and healthiest cooking styles in the world.  From the moment thousands of years ago that man first realised the importance of using food as medicine, we have used spices when we cook.

Spice Mama honours the memory of the great women cooks in my family, the cooking and eating traditions that make Indian food so special, and aims to pass these important traditions on to new generations of cooks.

Through my recipes and spice blends, I want to show people how different spices add delicious natural flavours to food, helping to reduce the use of sugar, salt and artificial ingredients in cooking.  I want to teach people that spices are full of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial compounds, the original ‘super’ foods. 

Cooking good food at home for your family, following a traditional, non-western diet rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients, can reduce exposure to some of the chronic diseases of the western world: obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancers.  My mission is share some of the huge repository of wisdom in Indian home cooking and eating practices, a traditional way of eating that remains a practical guide to how we can eat today and into the future. 

I want to inspire people with the beauty of home cooked food, made from scratch, the stories that food tells you and the emotional wellbeing that comes from eating a simple meal made with love.